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Product Line from MANUFACTURING Division:

  • PTFE Insulated Single Core & Multicore Wires & Cables
  • PTFE Insulated Shielded & Screen Instrumentation Cables
  • Fiber Glass Insulated Heavy Duty Cables Single Core & Multi Core.
  • Thermocouple Extension & Compensating Cables
  • Piston Vibrators,Pneumatic Vibrators
  • Bayonet Thermocouple
  • High Temperature Ceramic Sheathed Platinum Thermocouple
  • Sheathed Thermocouple
  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

After the success of our temperature solutions, there was an increasing demand from Processing Industries' clients to provide them with effective solutions for measuring of other industrial process parameters such as level, pressure, flow, humidity, etc. Initially, we began by offering services in developing product applications for Industrial Process Automation. Today, we have diversified our business and felt the need to bring the best available technology from around the world. With this renewed ambition, we started sourcing the best quality Process Control Instruments from world's reputed companies like TESTO, BAUMER, P&F, EUROTHERM and SICK. We made available the products from these reputed global companies to our clients for Empowering Process Management.

Product Line from DISTRIBUTION Division:

  • PID & Temperature Controller From ITHERM
  • PID & Process Controllers From TAIE.
  • Temperature / Pressure and Level Transmitters
  • Level Switches (Rotary Paddle & Vibrating Fork Type)
  • Piston Vibrators,Pneumatic Vibrators
  • All Type of Process Control Instruments

Industrial Applications

Our products are highly suitable for application in the following industries:

  • Electrical & Electronic Industries
  • Heater, Furnaces & Kilns.
  • Control Panel & Process Automation Control
  • High Performance Motors, Transformers & Rectifiers
  • Diversified Plastics
  • Power, Steel & Sponge Iron
  • Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Fertilizers & Petrochemicals
  • Cement, Metals & Mining
  • Food & Beverages, Agriculture & Feed Stock
  • Ceramic, Glass & Textiles
  • Pharmaceuticals and Many More.

Our Team

We are supported by a team of performers who are committed to the provide the best solutions to the clients. The team has rich expertise in designing, manufacturing, developing product applications, quality control, marketing & building customer relationships. With the combined efforts of individuals in the team, we serve our clients to their complete satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

At ELTEC, we are committed to utilize new technological development in manufacturing of process instrumentation. Our manufacturing process goes systematically to make sure that the end products comply with ISO standards. That is ensured through a stringent quality control process. The process is intended at comprehensive check of every product like as Piston Vibrators,Pneumatic Vibrators on certain parameters keeping in mind the applications requirement sin different field. The quality control unit is equipped with latest machinery and equipment to testify manufactured products on various quality parameters.


- An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company by JAS-ANZ for Quality Process Implementation.
- CRISIL Certified Company for financial stability & business development

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