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High Temperature Cables

High Temperature Cables are designed to perform at increased temperatures owing to their high temperature rating. They are available in single and multicore designs for withstanding different temperatures from -190C to +1565C. They are widely used in foundries, glass, ceramics, bakeries and other manufacturing factories. They are heat resistant insulated cables provided with exceptional mechanical properties. In addition to this, they are also provided with brilliant thermal and physical properties that ensure good electrical characteristics. These High Temperature Cables are resistant to oil and weather. They can also resist UV-Radiations with high-dielectric strength.

Fiberglass Cable

Fiber Glass Wires and Cables are high temperature cables, which has an outstanding and unique combination of electrical, thermal, mechanical & chemical properties. Cable conductors like annealed bare or tinned copper are closely braided with FIBER GLASS Yarn and impregnated with high temperature impregnation.

They are normally recommended for continuous use from 130 to 180 C with impregnation and up to 500C without impregnation. FIBER GLASS WIRES are ideal for general application requiring moderate abrasion, moisture resistance & high temperature resistance. It has got superior thermal properties as it dissipates heat faster and high thermal endurance as it cannot be burned.


  • Hook up wires for high temperature panels
  • Wiring for Heaters, Ovens & Furnace
  • Transformer winding
  • Power Cables for Boiler & various High Temperature Processing Equipments
  • High Temperature Motors, Transformers & Rectifiers


  • Continuous use up to 450 C without impregnation
  • Good Thermal Properties as it dissipates heat faster
  • Flame Retardant
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • High Die Electric strength and low die electric constant


  • Conductor - Annealed Bare Copper, Tin Plated Copper, Nickel Plated Copper, Copper SS Mix conductor
  • Core Insulation - Braided Fiber Glass Yarn with High Temperature Impregnation
  • No. of Core - Single or Multi core
  • Construction - Parallel or Twisted
  • Outer Sheath - Braided Fiber Glass Yarn with High Temperature Impregnation
  • Outside Jacket - Outside SS Metal braid


Silicone Rubber Insulation provides superior flexibility, excellent softness, resistant to moisture and can be immersed in water for a longer period of time without much effect on its electrical & mechanical properties. Wide operating temperature range from -55 C to 200 C



          Medical Equipments

          Continuous use up to 180 C

          Food Equipments

          Single Exposure up to 260 C


          Excellent Flexibility


          Excellent softness

          Thermocouple Circuits

          Resistant to moisture

          General Industry

          Resistant to oil, solvent & chemicals


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